Increase patient uptake.
Gain therapy visibility.
Improve outcomes.

The perfect blend of technology and talent to optimize patient access and support.

ARx Patient Solutions engineered the perfect blend of tech + talent to provide life sciences organizations with advanced therapy initiation and patient support solutions that increase uptake, drive better outcomes and power program performance. 

Our suite of services include:

Improve timely patient access to therapy through a balance of technology and talent that streamlines reimbursement and case management.

  • Med Info Hotline
  • Enrollment/Intake
  • Benefit Verification
  • Prior Authorization
  • Claim Denial/Appeal
  • Billing & Coding Support
  • Field Reimbursement
  • REMS Support

Screen and connect eligible patients with financial assistance programs to improve access and continuity of care.

  • End-to-end Copay Assistance Programs
  • End-to-End Patient Assistance Programs (PAP)
  • Quick Start/Starter
  • Bridge/Interim
  • Voucher/Trial/Sample-in-name
  • Alternative Coverage Research
  • Charitable Foundation Research
  • Copay Accumulator/Maximizer Mitigation

Support patient adherence through targeted touchpoints tailored to your patient and healthcare provider needs.

  • Welcome Calls and Adherence Check-ins
  • Patient and Healthcare Provider Education
  • Product Administration Training
  • First Dose Observation
  • Call Center and Field-based Nurses
  • Med Refill, Lab and Appointment Reminders
  • AE/PC Reporting
"I will tell you again how very pleased I am with the product and your service. You folks must have a well-oiled machine because dealing with you is so easy and uncomplicated. I hope you are as proud of your workforce as I am in dealing with you."
Neurology Product
"Had to tell you how easy, simple and seamless it has been working with ARx Patient Solutions! What a huge difference."
Nurse Practitioner
Endocrinology Product
"I have loved the experience I have had with you. You always get things done quickly, and, because of that, my symptoms have already improved. You provide the best experience and great customer service as well!"
Dermatology Product

Empower the Patient Journey

Leveraging advanced technology and human expertise, ARx Patient Solutions empowers the patient journey from the point of prescription to maintenance therapy.

  • Ensure a high-touch approach to managing product reimbursement, patient access to therapy, and supportive patient interactions for disease and therapy management.
  • Enable a model of precisely planned touchpoints that meet the unique needs of patients and healthcare providers. 
  • Deliver a patient experience that is secure, engaging and measurable.

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